Interview with Choreographer Rosie Kay

Spoilers can’t ruin the experience

First Dates: Bring On The Awkward

Clarkson Controversy: The Debate


Library of Birmingham ‘swamped’ by protesters

Student activists interrupt a community discussion on the value of Arts as they protest in support of widening access to higher education.

UoB’s second annual TEDx event held on campus

‘Today you are a part of a shared conversation about our global future’, so began the video that kicked off the University of Birmingham’s second annual TEDx event on March 21st.

Guild Council – 26th March 2015

Redbrick brings you live coverage of tonight's Guild Council, where your representatives will be making decisions on your behalf

General Meeting results: Whole Officer Team to sit on Trustee Board

Just one out of the five special resolutions to the Guild of Students has been passed, it has been announced.

General Election 2015

As the 2015 General Election approaches, follow our news and comment on the parties and issues



Spoilers can’t ruin the experience

Great TV shows, Films, Books, and Video Games are the ones you'll watch, read and play, over and over again. The ending means nothing without the experience of getting there.


The Problem with Prime Minister’s Questions

"The travesty of parliament": Rhys Murphy tells why Prime Minister's Questions - in its current format - is unfit as a barometer for the competence of party leaders.

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Campus Sport


Masters Student Meghan Ryan to run Great Birmingham 10K

Geotechnical Engineering student Meghan Ryan is running the Morrison's Great Birmingham 10K for Arthritis Research UK


Interview with: UoB Ultimate Frisbee Club

Sports Editor Alex Kronenberg spoke with UoB Ultimate Frisbee club captain Tom Hodgett after 10 club members were called up to represent Great Britain


UoB 1sts hold on to pip Trent at Bournbrook

Rugby correspondent Sam Harrison watched the UoB Men's Rugby 1sts overcome Nottingham Trent in a battle of attrition at Bournbrook.

Redbrick Video

The BIG Media Event

What are employers looking for in a graduate today? How can you break into such a competitive field? Our distinguished panel of keynote speakers talked about their long careers in ...

By Julia Yan on 20th January 2015
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Exclusive: Meet the cast of ‘The Bridge’

Redbrick Film interviews the cast of the upcoming student film ‘The Bridge’ directed and produced by University of Birmingham student Cassiah Joski-jethi. Screening is on Saturday 29th March at the Chaplaincy. Video by Julia Yan, Charlie Moloney and Molly Garfoot ©RedbrickMultimedia

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BUDS’ A Night at the Movies was a Night to Remember

Culture Editor Andrea Giannini went to the Birmingham University Dance Society's A Night at the Movies, which showcased dances based around a variety of films and their soundtracks. The production was incredible, nostalgic, and fun.


Clarkson Controversy: The Debate

Jeremy Clarkson is never one to shy away from controversy, and his recent firing after clashing with a BBC producer has been no exception. TV critic Matt McCrory weighs up whether the BBC were right to remove Clarkson or not.


Redbrick Meets… Drenge

Kirstie Sutherland chats with Rory ahead of their upcoming album

Redbrick Photography and Illustration

A Night at the Movies

James Bagshaw captures some fantastic photos from the Birmingham University Dance Society's show, 'A Night at the Movies'

By Redbrick on 26th March 2015
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Covert Campus

In a Redbrick Photography special feature, check out these awesome photos of campus